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    GUARD AGAINST CANCER - Uncovering The Truth About Cancer Treatments
     Location: Frisco, TX
    Sep 30, 2017 FREE

    GUARD AGAINST CANCER - Uncovering The Truth About Cancer Treatments

    Most people do not realize they have been sold a “bill of goods” concerning most cancer treatments.  Find out the facts about misrepresentations, deception in the highest degree and what we all should know but are not being told, even when we ask! “Patients and families are bombarded with the news that the country is winning the war against cancer.” But, the truth is that billions of dollars are being made by losing the war.

    If you believe the hype that all media provides or the sources that say we have the answer, then just think about how many people you’ve known diagnosed with cancer and how many of those have survived the terrible disease.  The public needs to get the real facts about cancer and the real facts about what people are doing when they get cancer.  First fact is cancer is NOT declining, nor has it wavered at all in decades years. In fact it is the most steady graph for all causes of death in the USA. 

    Obviously, not much can be said here about the real truth, but we will share it all in this Free Lecture.  We will quote the most respected resources that can be gathered and will present the facts, which are easily proven.

    Also, we discuss talks about preventing cancer in various ways, but offer no way of detecting whether your personal risk of cancer is low, high, or imminent. Plus, the truth about cancer prevention protocols are not personally-designed by 99+% of resources that do offer protocols.

    There is a wealth of information available we will share and point to - such as: effective testing, and personally-designed protocols that have optimal effective results for prevention. Plus, recovery recommendations and personally-designed protocols.

    Recently Dr. Glenn T. King and the Better Health Center conducted a free lecture on “Guard Against Cancer” and said that throughout 2017 he has declared war on cancer and is focused on bringing awareness of how to get ahead of this terrible, murderous disease.

    Dr. King said he is surfeited with dealing with this disease in the normal ways (people diagnosed too late and no proper preventative measures being used) and also in how society chooses to deal or not deal with the widespread threat of cancer - to the degree that one cold almost count on being diagnosed with cancer some point in their life, usually earlier than thought.  This is generally due to very effective false propaganda promoted for decades in the USA and mostly due to the ways society has neglected choices that are now available.

    This is simply but sadly due to ignorance of the true facts and real choices that greatly increase survival rate.  Most important is effectively early-detect risks for actual prevention.  It is time to reveal the truth and bring awareness to stir everyone in becoming active in crushing this disease that has been crushing our families, loved ones, and humanity exponentially.  Also, to not buy into the false hope by sources that we will reveal in the most recent shocking facts.

    This is not another FYI about cancer, it is about effectively confronting the war that has been waged on mankind.  We now need to wage an effective war on cancer.  Let’s start with revealing the TRUTH! Many do not want to talk about this serious topic until it is too late. Do not let that be you!

    THE LECTURE IS FREE! We desire for everyone to be able to attend and made aware of the hard facts.  Any contributions will go to helping people in need at the Better Health Center.

    REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED!!! Register Now to Reserve your seat!
    Whether attending in-person or Online, Register now!

    Instructor: Glenn T. King, PhD, CDN, CN
    Location: Frisco, TX (Better Health Center)
    Time: September 30th (1 1/2 hours); 10am-11:30am
    Prerequisites: None
    Tuition: FREE - Limited space available
    Deposit: None, but you are Required to Register ahead
    Register: Attendance is available Online or in-person. Please call our office to specify whether you will be attending online or in-person and how many will be with you. Contact the Institute now at (214) 731-9795 or email

    Online is unlimited, but when the in-person room is filled (registrants), registration will be cut off. So Register Now!

    TKM® Self Help and EMT Seminar (1-Day)
     Location: Kansas City, MO
    Oct 14, 2017 FREE

    The TKM® EMT and Self-Help Manuals cover vital information on how bio-energy and our environment affect our health.

    TKM® EMT attendees learn natural "emergency procedures" which have shown to be highly effective in stopping heart attacks, anaphylactic shock, seizures, asthma attacks, choking, hemorrhaging, acute appendicitis, as well as other common ailments like insect bites, hiccups and more.

    The TKM® Self-Help book includes the blueprint of the energy spheres loci that influence all the energy systems in the human body. The procedures in this manual are simplified to mostly one step applications. The manual includes an index that provides appropriate (simplified) applications for many disorders. Everyone is invited, especially parents!

    FEE: Inquire at for tuition!

    Location: Kansas City, MO

    Instructor: Evan EuDaly

    Time: October 14th

    Register: Please contact Evan EuDaly ASAP at

    to inquire for any details and to register!

    TKM® Introductory Levels 1&2 Seminar
     Location: Kansas City, MO
    Nov 1, 2017 - Nov 5, 2017 FREE

    This poweerful educational/training seminar includes a tremendous amount of valuable information to change health and quality of life for everyone, despite diagnoses and especially prognosis.  TKM® is just too profound to easily explain, you must come and experience it!  In such seminars participants have received healing just in the process of learning the hands-on portions of the training. 

    This information is more important than ever before. So, gather your family, colleagues, and friends to come and share this wonderful educational experience - that will be far more than you could possibly explain to anyone afterwards in a way that could be understood without attending and experiencing it for yourself.   

    In Level 1, Evan will lay the foundation of understanding TKM® for all levels, including advanced learning (basic principles of how the bio-electromagnetic systems function in the body).  Included, illustrations and demonstrations of the location of each Energy Sphere (point) on the body and how they relate to all physical, emotional, and mental functions, which is the first basic blueprint in understanding TKM® applications for best results! This includes relations to each location, combination of locations, and TKM® applications that can produce profound results with most all health issues. 

    In Level 2, Evan will examine pulse-reading in relation to all organ energy and circulatory pathways. This helps participants to distinguish between symptoms and cause, enabling them to discern the most effective application(s) to restore health. This special seminar teaches how to take the guess work out of application options - to not treat for symptoms but rather for the cause(s) of symptoms and disease, disorder, pain.... 

    Come and learn to understand how to help yourself, family, and others in a totally natural way for all health needs.  Don't miss it! 

    Important Note: Level 1 or Level 2 may not be attended separately.

    FEE: Inquire for tuition/Fee at

    Instructor: Evan Eudaly

    Time: November 1st - 5th 2017

    Register: Please contact Evan EuDaly ASAP at

    to inquire for any details and to register!


    TKM® Training Special - Levels 3 & 4 (3-day)
     Location: King Institute LLC
    Nov 2, 2017 - Nov 4, 2017 $ 395.00

    This Special 3-day TKM® Levels 3&4 seminar covers more in-depth TKM® subjects not addressed in Levels 1 or 2.  Participants will understand more about complex health issues and the progression of disorders to distinguish between causes and symptoms.

    Participants will also understand how seemingly unrelated disorders, that often seem minor, can lead to serious conditions and even fatal issues, if not properly addressed.

    The TKM® Levels 3&4 book is filled with additional applications not found in Levels 1&2 or other TKM® books.  It provides a much broader range of applications and specific applications to help resolve most possible health disorders when coupled with Levels 1&2 material and understanding. This is a major part of what makes this special seminar so very important for family care and professional care.  Also provided is special training and applications for immediate results for many health issues.

    Instructor: Glenn King, PhD, CDN, CN

    Location: 7651 Main St. Frisco, TX (Better Health Center)

    Time: November 2-4; 9am-5pm

    Prerequisites: Completion of Levels 1&2 (in-person, Online, or DVDs - verified)

    Tuition (new participant): Regular $1,190.00 Only $395 (includes book and materials)

    Tuition (review participant - verified): Only $275

    Attending spouse and/or immediate family member's Tuition: 50% off $395 = Only $197.50 ea. (with one attending at non-discount tuition)

    Deposit for all attendees: $150.00 (see policy)

    Register (Onilne or In-person Attendance): You must pre-register to attend. Limited space available.  Attendance is available Online or in-person. Please call our office to specify whether you will be attending Online or in-person and how many will attend with you. Contact the Institute at (214) 731-9795 or email