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    Event Date Price
    TKM® Self Help and EMT Class (1-Day) + Train-to-Teach
     Location: Frisco, TX
    Feb 10, 2018 $ 300.00

    Postponed - Date TBD

    This is a very special opportunity!  In one day learn the Natural Emergency Procedures from the TKM EMT manual, plus learn the most popular TKM book (The TKM Self-Help Book) in a condensed version to understand how to apply these extraordinary procedures on yourself.  Plus there is an opportunity for those who have previously completed a EMT and/or SH seminar that is interested in teaching the course for King Institute, LLC in your area, then sign up to attend the special training to teach after the class (end of day).    

    EMT Seminar: The EMT Manual and covers how bio-electromagnetic energy and our environment affect our health. Students learn emergency procedures which have shown to be highly effective in stopping heart attacks, anaphylactic shock, seizures, asthma attacks, choking, hemorrhaging, acute appendicitis and other common ailments like insect bites, hiccups and more.

    SH Seminar: The Self-Help book includes the blueprint of the energy spheres location that influence all the bio-energy systems in the human body. The procedures in this class are simplified to mostly one step applications. The manual includes an index that provides appropriate (simplified) applications for many disorders. Everyone is invited!

    Training to Teach: For those meeting qualifications that are interested in teaching TKM EMT and or Self Help classes, we are making available the opportunity to become a contracted instructor for King Institute, LLC.   Qualification requirements are located here. Register now for these two classes, and if interested the end of the day portion for becoming a contracted instructor (2 year contract - renewable).

    Instructor: Glenn King, PhD, CDN, CN

    Location: Frisco, TX

    Time: February 10th (Saturday)


             Self Help-(11am-4:00pm)

             To Teach- (4:30pm-6pm)    

    Tuitions: For Self Help and EMT=$300

                  To Teach portion =Additional $100

    Deposit: $150 (required at registration)

    Register: If you prefer to attend either the EMT or Self Help separately, please call to register for the individual class price.

    Attendance is available in-person or Online: For online, contact the Institute after registering 214-731-9795. Online Students must register 4 weeks before class so that your materials can be mailed to you.