• For and throughout 2018-2019, Dr. Glenn King, PhD. and the Better Health Center are declaring war on cancer and focusing on bringing awareness of how to get ahead of this terrible, murderous disease. This is not another FYI about cancer. It is about effectively confronting the war that has been waged on mankind. We now need to wage an effective war on cancer. CLICK ON THE SHIELD to watch the video. More Info
  • We are excited about the release of Dr. Glenn King, PhD.'s latest DVD Series, "How I Recovered Naturally From 4th Stage Metastasized Cancer". Get the full story and the class handouts on this 4 DVD set! Call us now at (214) 731-9795. More Info
  • Our latest publication, Wonderfully Made, a TKM® guide designed for parents, expecting parents, and those who are entrusted with care for little ones. The book contains valuable information concerning fertility, pregnancy, birth, baby, and up through toddler age.  If you are a parent or know other parents who can benefit from this knowledge, purchase this book through our online store or call us to order today. More Info
  • We invite you to register with the King Institute Website to get access to additional features of the website. To do so, simply click "More Info" to go to the registration page.  Registration is always free and provides a level of access to additional resources for your benefit. More Info
  • King Institute LLC is excited to announce the launch of the Educational Videos-To-View section of our website!  In this section, you will find a growing wealth of vital and relevant information to integrative health topics provided via streaming videos which were recorded from our previous special conferences, seminars, and lectures. More Info
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  • We continually search for, find, and provide effective health solutions for you and your family, whether for recovering, improving or maintaining excellent health. We provide the leading-edge of natural, non-toxic, non-invasive approaches proven to be highly effective for physical, mental and emotional health, for common to rare disorders.
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  • Guard Against Cancer Now! (Part 1) +

    This free Video Lecture is not another FYI about cancer. It is about effectively confronting the war that has been waged on mankind. We now need to wage an effective war on cancer. More Info
  • Rhus Tea +

      A Natural Tea To Fight Disease Causing Microbes And Other Foreign Invaders Plus, powerful immune booster and cleanser for the blood, lymph and body.   More Info
  • Vaccine Truth +

    Vaccine Truth, an astounding and highly informative video on the truth about vaccines, including a CDC whistleblower, presented by Michelle K. Rowton MSN, NNP-BC, RNC- NIC, C-NPT More Info
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