TKM Helps with Multiform Globlastoma

Hello All,

I just HAD to share this:

THE HISTORY:I worked on a man two weeks ago today, who was diagnosed with a multiform gioblastoma in his Left Parietal Lobe about six months ago...the tumor was growing very aggressively...they put him on several trials of Temador (very strong Med. taken over 5 days) but the tumor kept growing.  A month ago they put him on Temador again with Accutane.  I work with his niece and she has been after them to come to Lafayette and hear about TKM...after last month's bad news about the tumor's aggressive growth into the motor cortex , across the lobe and down, they came for a TKM session.

THE SEQUENCES:It lasted three hours because I worked on his wife first, then his sister, educating them as much as possible:  then, we all three of us worked on the "patient"...he was verbal but not very coherent...he started laughing and then got very relaxed.  We did the 3rd Method of Correction.  I sent them home with instructions to continue with the 3rd Method.  Until they'd done it 10x''s and I had them do the Spleen seq. & #3 seq. since he was taking such strong meds.  Plus I had the "caregivers" doing the Median Self Help Sequence daily to stay strong for his care. I wanted to give them ALL the sequences listed in the Immune recipe but I didn't want to overwhelm them so I kept it to three or so.

THE RESULTS:At the beginning, his wife came in so tightly strung with stress, fatigue and tension she vibrated sitting on her chair.  She left with the most beautiful peace in her face.....she has been soo faithful to work on him and herself, as has his sister, also one of his caregivers.  They called their niece today from Houston (MD Anderson) and told her the MRI came back with the news that the tumor had not only stopped growing but had shrunk so significantly that the doctors said  "We have NEVER seen a tumor shrink this much in one month's time"...I thought to myself "how about in two WEEKS time??!!" Another physician wrote," It is shrinking.....SOMETHING is working!    " PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! He loves us so!!!

I thank God for you and the work you do.  I encouraged them to go get trained! I apologize for the lengthy e-mail but I had to share the wonder--- God is so AWESOME! God Bless and Keep YOU!  

Robin Harwell

Baby Responds after First Time

Remarkable story!

Dr. King, Remember the little guy I told you about who was thrown into a trash dumpster at birth -- here is a more accurate account from the grandmother.  I had the timing a little off.  

"Just wanted to respond to what you told Dr. King.  Actually it is much better than what you said.  After the first time I did the Median Sequence on the baby, he sat up on his own from a prone position three times the very next day.  This was only one treatment...not weeks!  We were impressed! Also the Spleen sequence helped him to sleep through the night after the first time I did the sequence on him.  Pretty amazing!"  

Client of a Neurodevelopmentalist



A lady came for infertility issues and she received her first TKM® session on April 12, and began a normal menstrual cycle on April 15 after being irregular for years. Follow up sessions occurred on April 23, June 7 and June 9. She was scheduled for another session on June 23, but cancelled since she found out she was pregnant!

Her daughter was born on Jan. 7, 2005. They are celebrating her 1st birthday tomorrow.The full story on this case was reported in issue 3 of the KIMA® Journal under the testimonies section.  As you can see her sessions were not frequent or even close together.


TKM helps 81 year old with sleeping & pain problems

Alissa is in Arizona helping do TKM® on her 81 year old grandpa.  Here's a message she just sent.  She is also doing other sequences to help him with his various medical problems like heart, bladder and blood infections, fatigue.

She just wrote and said, "Last night I palmed Grandpa's calves for a whole hour. Today he told us that he didn't take any pain or sleeping pills. Grandma thinks TKM® is really working and wonderful."


TKM helps with neuro-endocrine prostate cancer

Praise God!!
I have been working with a man since July who was diagnosed with neuro-endocrine prostate cancer.  His PSA was over 1200.  He is 6'3" and weighs 275 and had a volley ball sized tumor in his groin area that was closing off his  ureters and causing problems with the kidneys.  The urologist inserted  stints in his ureters to keep them open and the oncologists told him the  cancer was inoperable and all they could do was give him a lupron shot  to shrink the tumor maybe 10%.They sent him home to die.  We began a  cleansing program and I trained his wife to do TKM® on him.   I worked on  him a total of three times since July.  She was very diligent and after  eight weeks a scan showed the tumor had shrunk by 50%. His PSA was  1.2. The doctors were dumbfounded.  His wife took the TKM® Levels 1 and 2 class here in Sebring  in September.  He had to have nephrostomy tubes put into the kidneys in  October due to recurring infections.  His creatine levels reached 9.  After the tubes were put in his wife continued her daily TKM®.  Just before  Christmas, to the urologist's surprise, his creatine levels were down to  1.4.  The best they had been told to expect was 4.0.  They also checked  his PSA at that time and it was .1.  They removed the nephrostomy  tubes.

I just got a call from his wife reporting that they had just  gotten a report from an MRI done today.  There is no sign of the  cancer. I repeat, no sign of any tumor or cancer.  There is much joy in Sebring tonight.  Let none of us doubt what God can  do when we are diligent to do our part.  This couple has lived a  miracle.

Jim Robertson, N.D.

TKM helps with Bone cancer

Dear Dr. King,

While in Alaska I worked on a sister who is fighting bone cancer.  She came back there to spend her "last" days as she used to live in that community and wanted the support that comes from the family there.  Anyway, on my last day there Anne and I worked on her for an hour.  She also had a blockage in her large intestine--labeled, of course by her doctors.

The pulses showed large intestine (5th stratum interferring with all stratums) and some other directions.  I applied the R&R 5-4-3-2-1 and Anne applied Lg. Intestine sequence and something else.    Immediately when either of us barely touched the #13's she would start weeping.  A good thing!  Lots of emotional trauma over the years.  I left for home and this is the e-mail I received today.

"Hello Pam, 
I went over and gave her the information on the TKM® lifesaving finger holds and self-helps that pertained to her need. The next day I was able to work on her. I Did the 3rd MOC.  She is doing her own homework.  An announcement was made that she is doing better. Her bowels are moving better, her down time isn't as bad and her pain isn't as bad.  Bless God!  I know you would want to know.  God is good.  I just want to keep you current."