Boy 6: Impulsive, Hyperactive, Destructive, Developmentally Delayed, Microcephalic & Very Sensory

Email from a student/health professional on our list serve.

Hi everyone,

I want to share regarding a six year old boy I'm working on.  He is extremely impulsive, destructive, hyperactive, developmentally delayed, very sensory, and microcephalic.  The hyperactivity is so extreme, he was constantly moving, even in his sleep.  Being still for even a moment has been impossible for this little guy.  I talked with the mom yesterday and she is "Praising God".

Since starting the TKM® Median Sequence with him at the end of September, his hyperactivity and impulsivity levels have been gradually decreasing.   She said he is so much calmer and quieter.  After years of non stop motion, this is such a relief!
Kind of like stepping off a merry-go-round you've been on for years and finally being able to rest.

Praise God!

Liver, Insulin Resistant Diabetes, Heart trouble

Email from a recent student
I wanted to let you know a couple of things that have been happening.  I had liver problems and am using herbs to help.
I also have insulin resistance diabetes and my armpits have been totally inflamed for over 8 months - doctors were baffled and nothing has helped.

My husband has been "palming my calves," as you taught, each night for 30 minutes. We work opposite shifts for we only have time for once daily through the week.  And now my armpits are just about normal.  If we miss a night they do become a little red, but this has made a believer of my hubby!

I have been trying to do other TKM® procedures, but time is often not an option as my 9 year old granddaughter has come to live with us... whew!  What an adjustment.

Today, I received a call from Sally with regard to a friend's hubby.  They have an herb shop across from where I work and he was in trouble with his heart.  I left work and went over and applied the sequence for heart attack.  I had problems getting the pulses together so I asked him to remove his watch which was on the left arm.  Once we did that, in a few minutes his pulses were together and he had no more pain.  Sally wanted to make sure I emailed you so I'm doing this from work. 

Have a blessed day and we all thank you for sharing your information!

Chronic Diarrhea, Severe Pain, Scoliosis, Migraines . . .

We had another awesome display of the Lord's power through TKM yesterday.  A 26 year old woman came to me with chronic diarrhea, severe chronic pain in the shoulders and back, plus anxiety, scoliosis, and migraines.

She'd been to all kinds of doctors with no help except suggestions of lots of tests and prescriptions.  Her left shoulder was raised 3 inches higher than her right shoulder.  While attractive, she had a pained, oppressed look about her.  I was applying the first step of #13 sequence when her body began to release tension from the chest down.  Her shoulders began to project forward so violently that I could hear the bones clicking.  I asked her if she was all right and she nodded that she was.  I assured her that her body was releasing tension and stress rapidly. I also completed a #8 sequence.

Throughout the sequence she continued to have major muscle spasms and releases.  I did the Mediator sequence next and as I completed it she relaxed and told me that she'd never felt such a state of peace! She got off of the table with a beautiful glow about her.  Her shoulders were even and her posture was perfect.  She called me 6 hours later to tell me how great she felt. 

There is another interesting aspect to this story.
This woman must have found  me through the Holy Spirit.  She was looking for someone who practiced alternative medicine.  Through a chain of connections she contacted someone who knew me that gave her my name (actually gave her the last name of Robinson not Robertson).  She didn't have my phone number.  The woman found me by spending 5 hours online searching for a Jim Robinson in Sebring, FL.  In spite of the fact that I don't advertise, have no web site and the name was spelled wrong, she found my home phone and called me 8:30 that night.  This woman wanted to be well!  When I talked to her on the phone she broke down and cried.  I prayed with her and told her that I knew the Lord was going to do something powerful with her if she'd been that persistent to find me since only the Lord could've led her to me.  I'm still in awe of what He had done with her and extremely humbled to have been allowed to experience it.

Incidentally, I never did finish more than two steps of #13.  .
Praise God,
Dr. Robertson

Bladder Spasms..Reduced!

Just wanted you to see the results! 
Thanks for your encouraging information. The bladder spasms in a lady were greatly 1 day (which I've seen before by just doing ONE bladder sequence on a friend from church!)  I praise His name for this answered prayer.  I shouldn't be surprised that our Lord answers prayer. This lady was so very discouraged yesterday and now....GREAT!

God bless you and yours. 

Horse with Leg Injury.

Hi Dr. King,
I received a phone call the other day from someone who read the KIMA Journal article about the horse and was wanting help with her horse.

The horse had injured his back leg. Since she had only read her sister's KIMA Journal & didn't have any TKM training herself, we suggested that she do a #1 application - because of the location and the simplicity of the application.  She wrote back:  "We did the #1 sequence yesterday and the horse looked 10 years younger! It was great to see!"

So that was very exciting news.

Mother with a Down Syndrome son credits KIMA Journal

Thought the article in the KIMA Journal was interesting --confirms some of the things taught about TKM.  Not sure if most people know it, but these brain plaques found in Alzheimer's are also found in brains of folks with Down Syndrome.

My son (w/ down syndrome) is doing great by the way --folks at church have been laughing about how much energy he has and how very good he obviously feels --so far this year he has had the 3 best occupational and speech therapies EVER! ---He goes in with a hop and a bounce --literally.