Bulging disc in the sacral/lumbar area - pain free!

My nephew flew from Alaska and spent a week with The King Institute receiving treatments 2x daily for a bulging disc in the sacral/lumbar area. He was in terrible pain, but he got immediate relief after TKM®.

There was instruction for his wife to treat him daily while here and at home. He was pain free after the first TKM® treatment, and he is still pain free today only a month later and is no longer even remotely thinking that surgery would solve his problem, as was suggested.

Dr. King gave homework, and he has been faithful to do it as well as change some habit patterns (like throwing 1000's of bales of hay yearly totally using right side muscles, needing to switch to left side so the spinal muscles remember to work on that side).  

God gets the credit for leading him to TKM® and The King Institute.  Some of the sequences I remember were ABO, 3rd MOC, Spleen, #13 and I can't remember what else.  Of course, the Median he does on himself. They are true believers in TKM®.  Now their children want Mom to do TKM® when they hurt anywhere!  I spoke to him today and he is obviously very, very pleased with the results.


TKM helps a 14 year old boy with Scoliosis

List Serv Member: 1st message - Hello all,

In December I started working on a 14 year old boy that has Scoliosis.   Usually once a week or less.  His spine looks like a road sign for "sharp curves ahead".   Parents were concerned this morning, because the doctors were to check him again and if the curvature had increased, the plan was to schedule surgery and insert  rods.

He called me this afternoon and was excited... the doctors said the curvature had DECREASED by 2 percent.  That may not seem like much, but was very convincing to him that TKM® is working.  He had a big sigh of relief that the surgery was put on hold.  Perhaps now both parents will get more involved and help work on the boy.  Just thought I would share a little success with all of you.


Great news!  I pray that the father will continue to let you work on him.  I worked on a scoliosis case with TKM® and have had good success.  The client is a 26 year old woman whose left shoulder was 2" higher than her right when standing straight.  It straightened completely on the first visit, but some of the curvature came back by her second visit.  She lives an hour away and has not been able to be consistent.  I have worked on her a total of 5 times and she now has less than 1" difference in the shoulders."

Dr. Robertson

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Success with Allergies

List Serv Member: Hello all,

I wanted to submit an encouraging report of success treating my high school son's allergies with TKM®.  Allergies have been a major issue with my son for his whole life, from ezcema, sinus symptoms, frequent illness, asthma, swollen abdomen and diarrhea to inability to focus on his studies and emotional outbursts at school which prompted administrative action.  We've tried special supplements and diet, air purification, prescription meds, homeopathics, and immunization shots, before we discovered TKM®.  His condition would improve somewhat with everything we tried, only to worsen again.

About four months ago, we were reaching an impasse where he would drag himself home from school and spend two hours playing computer games before he could force himself to face his homework, though he is a very smart and conscientious guy.  Being unable to focus on his homework even then, he would often be close to tears and stay up late at night to finally finish as much as he could and be exhausted the next day.  He would fall asleep after lunch sometimes and really have to restrain himself from lashing out at other people.

When I finally talked him into letting me apply a TKM® treatment on him using one of his precious homework hours, he noticed a difference right away and was able to get more done with the remaining time than he had before.  I've been applying TKM® 2-4 times per week, and he does little TKM®, if any,  on himself.  I mostly apply #22,  #20,21,22,  #12,11,4,3, and R&R 3rd & 4th, along with other sequences from time to time.

Now he's a much happier guy and is able to focus very well on his studies with no more problem settling down to his homework.  He says he doesn't get tired at school at all, and his teachers and fellow classmates have been commending him on his work.

Thank the Lord for TKM!



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A teenage friend with recent acne problems saw remarkable improvement just by "palming the calves.


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4 year old uses TKM to stop the bleeding

I have to share with you my evaluation with a client's youngest daughter.  She just turned age 4 at the end of December.  The three of us were in the hallway talking, and the mother was sharing how her daughter had "taken a little spill" that morning, but she knew exactly what to do.  At that moment, as the daughter was listening in, she immediately put her hands into the stop bleeding position on her knee.  It was SO cute!

We were just laughing so hard.  Later, I wanted to really see if she knew the "stuff".  I said to the daughter, what do you do if you get an ouchie on you leg?"  She immediately did the cross over, stop bleeding hands to her leg.  I asked her what else she can do with TKM®.   She laid down on her back and started the first step of the Median Sequence.  Then she sat up and said, "Oh, we also do palming the calves."

Dr. King, you have a star for your next video.

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Autism and Cotton, Restless Leg Syndrome

I have a cotton sheet testimony! For years I have gone to bed and within 15 minutes my legs would start twitching.  My mom has always had restless leg syndrome so I didn't think to much about it.  Sometimes I could go to sleep and sometimes I would move to the coach and wonder why I could go right to sleep there.

After the TKM® training in Seattle, sometimes it takes several times to really hear something, I decided to buy some cotton sheets which were some jersey knit that I love.  The night before I put the cotton sheets on, I had a terrible time with my legs, but have not had that problem since I've gone to 100% cotton.  

A response:What on earth have you all been sleeping on if it wasn't cotton?  I'm 52 years old...and I've never had any sheets that were not made of cotton...

Response 1:The one big change we made with our son, age 23 with Down Syndrome, was recently to buy him an all wood futon with just a few screws in the corners and a cotton/foam mattress.  He slept through the night last night for the first time I can ever remember.  Before that he was on a metal futon frame, with an innerspring mattress.

Response 2: Most Sheets and bedding are either polyester or a polyester blend.  The average is a 50/50 blend.  This goes for pillows, blankets, comforters, etc.   Even when they say cotton - Read the details on the tag.  Also, anything that says "wrinkle free" is NEVER all cotton.  Note that blends have the same effect as all synthetics - It is BAD on your health - with all people!  It is also Biblical that we should not wear blends and science is now proving it is harmful to your health.  The evidence and practical application results are overwhelming.  If you want to learn more, attend a TKM® seminar and Dr. Glenn King will explain and demonstrate.

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