Clenched Teeth, Improved Eating, Stopped Alcohol, Back Pain, Depression

Things are going very well.  I find myself at such a point of change these past ten days.  I think it is fairly dramatic change for me.

First, I feel every little energy sphere when it has a concern.  However, after years of ignoring everything or simply not allowing myself to feel, it is very interesting.  How I ever clenched my teeth so much before is beyond me.  Those teeth even barely touch now and the signals are jolting them apart.

Secondly, I have totally improved how and what I am eating.

Thirdly,  I have drastically cut back my work load to make sure there is time for the important things.

Fourth, I've quit drinking the glass or two of wine I would have done fairly regularly.  The Lord reminded me that I don't need to do all the things I have done for years to ease the physical and emotional pain or take the edge off of stress, it's pretty much in check. The emotional pain it is gone and I need or use any artificial means in an attempt to relax.

LIFE IS GOOD!!!!  I think I will enjoy being an Ambassador of Freedom.  God is sooo good.

Thank you for your HUGE part in this blessing.

Stopped Seizures in Action!

 An email from a recent student.

Hello all, I saw a family in New Hampshire today.  They have either headed off or stopped seizures in action every time they've applied TKM® with their son, which is about every seizure he has...  and he has bunches.  They've been doing it since September and are thrilled.  

Everyone in the family knows how to "jump into action" no matter where they are... a store, church, home.  Just wanted you to know that you have made a huge difference in yet one more family's life.  They are excited at the prospect of doing more work with TKM® to perhaps get to the cause level for the seizures to stop them once and for all.

Blessings from New Hampshire,

Stopped Child's Seizure

TKM® Instructor

The seminar/training I attended last weekend in Louisiana went extremely well.  There was an ENT dad there, and the mom was an MD.  He is excited to try the thumbs and thumbs/big toes holding for his son suffering with a seizure disorder.

There was a mom of an autistic child at the seminar.  I'd never met her before.  She brought her son to the training on Sunday when we were working on some TKM® hand's on.   She told me she can not ever remember sleeping as well as she has since starting the Median Sequence on Friday night.  Pretty excited mom!  

There were two autistic individuals I worked with.  Both responded NOTICEABLE to holding the #4's.  Instantly calmed.

The therapists there were quite impressed.  A speech therapist who put together this training is very excited about TKM®.  She will be at the Dallas training this month.  She mentioned seeing if the hospital would have a TKM® training.  The hospital, Our Lady of Lourdes, is quite an impressive hospital. I'll pray that it is something that works out for you.

One of my parent clients, is the mom who stopped a child's seizure in the mall with TKM®.  The testimony was posted on KIMA-TALK.  She was so excited.  She stayed up for several hours that night reading the TKM® book.  She is very excited.

Love and prayers continually your way!

Awareness and Abilities

Blessings to Everyone,

Since attending the King Institute's teaching seminar at the first of the month and being a "newbie" to this group, I would like to share a joy with the group.  Due to God's awesome love, my daughter, continues to "wow" me with her increased awareness and abilities.

Yesterday was a "major" day!  First she took a telephone message... not that it was new but she got the information correct. She repeated it, unlike her mother, and didn't write anything down.  And she has been showing signs of time awareness... like "mom, this show is about over then I will do what you need me to do."  I love the fact she is showing the signs of her age group.  Wait...she is a teenager... please stop me.

Most of all she is becoming more willing to allow me to do more TKM® on her for longer periods.  I told her I was just practicing and she reached up, tickled me and said she wasn't my guinea pig.  Another big thing... she was wearing a Band-Aid around her thumb when I asked what she had done.   She told the whole sequence and I mean SEQUENCE.  And it was in the correct order!!  Plus, how SHE applied TKM® to her hand and was only wearing the Band-Aid in case her injury came back.  The list of all her improvements keep growing everyday and are too numerous to go into with the short email I had intended to write.

In Christ's love,
J. (A new student of The King's Method® for her child)

Weak Ankles, Sprains, Extreme Back Pain, Coughing attacks, Gall Stones

From a student in Miami.
Dear Dr. Glenn King,

I would like you to know that my husband is forever grateful for your TKM® system.  He had very weak ankles that would get sprained very often.  The last time was last year during the bad storm in October.

I applied the correct sequence and he was walking the next day and most important he has been pain free ever since and no more sprains

Another time I went on a trip with my oldest son and he started to have extreme back pain.  The place we were at, I had no access to doctors.   I applied the correct TKM® sequence and when he woke the next day he was without any pain!  Unbelievable!

More recently my daughter has been sick with a bad cold and prone to coughing attacks, even though she is on medication.  Once I applied the sequence for coughing the attacks didn't occur again.  Now, bringing her fever down is not a problem and I do it without drugs.  It's amazing!  I could go on and on.

However; I will tell you one more success story since I think its important that you know.  My friend Graciela, had gallbladder stones that the doctor's told her had to be surgically removed since one was an inch in size.  Nothing had worked and she was in great pain.

She called me and I applied the designated TKM® sequence for two consecutive night's.  The stones have broken up and her body is disposing of them and most important her pain has gone away.

Just wanted to tell you and thank you!

Down Syndrome, Teeth clenched, Bruising, Dreams

A Woman and her son with down syndrome.

Interesting event this morning while walking through the airport.  Only thing on my mind was getting to my gate. Suddenly, out of no where, I had a stream of tears from my right eye.  Is that the start, because i don't tear or cry?  Didn't even brush them away. They felt soooo good!  

Other things I am noticing. I'm not bruising any more!  I have always had huge bruises that I don't have a clue where they came from.   Pretty fun!  I'm also sleeping much better and actually starting to remember pieces of dreams.  Rarely do I find my teeth clenched anymore.  I no longer have that invisible "screen" between myself and people.  It had always been as if there was a real barrier between.  I've quit needing to "hug" pillows, just like you said.

I have even been comfortable picking "middle" tables this past weekend.  God is sooooooo good.  This truly is a new life here.

We have some good friends who are in town this week visiting.  They are astounded at the changes in my son.  It is nice to hear from someone who isn't so close to the situation.  We tend to miss so much when we are in the daily thick of things.  They see facial feature changes, much more cognitive reasoning and thought, more outgoing, more animated, and much more purposeful in everything he does.  So great!  And we are only doing TKM® twice a day, six days per week.

My husband and I were talking this morning about the changes we see in our son.  He is so much more willing to go with us, even if it is just doing petty errands.  He never wanted to go before.  He is always going to the airport to see me off or pick me up now.  He used to fuss if we made him come with us. 

He is participating in things that he would never have before.  Example: My husband and son went to a baby shower/dinner while I was out of town this past weekend.  There was a funny game of trying to diaper a baby doll.  Not only did my son participate, which would have NEVER happened before, but he won!  Everyone commented how gentle he was in doing it.  Pretty funny.  The kiddo has never done a diaper in his life.  It is amazing how much TKM® has effected and improved our life.

I cannot thank you enough for your love, dedication, perseverance, and faithfulness.  There is no way to express my gratefulness adequately.  The gravitational pull from the past is gone.  Healing is well on it's way to completion . You are treasures that I am very grateful to Jesus for. Love and blessings!