Freed from 25 year Caffeine Addiction & Continual 9 day Headache Stopped

Hi, my name is Mary, mother of four daughters.

During my first TKM® conference my continual 9 day headache stopped  !My greatest blessing though was my freedom from a 25 year caffeine addiction!

Reply from another student of The King's Method on the list serv:

"Congratulations on the caffeine habit broken.  I got over my caffeine addiction of 28 years after the first TKM® training I attended. Just gone!  No headaches, no withdrawals... and that was from drinking about two pots of coffee on most days... not counting the cokes.  The other day I accidentally grabbed my husbands coffee cup, instead of my tea, and it was awful."

I can't believe I ever liked that stuff so much. Keep us posted on the things you are seeing.



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To Prevent Appendectomy, EMT procedures available

Suggestion from a student!

Notice for everyone, if you haven't heard, one of president elect Bush's twin daughters had an appendectomy on Christmas.  We know that it was not at all necessary.  What I suggest is if you can find a way to contact one or MORE ways to reach Bush with a to the point gentle commentary, what a difference it might make.  Just maybe!  My thoughts are similar to: Dear President elect G. W. Bush and Family.I am sorry to hear about your daughter's surgery and will pray for her full recovery.

It was really on my heart to contact you when I heard the news.  I know you are a caring Father, Husband and man that cares for his community.  You have shown this as Governor of Texas and I'm sure this will carry over to caring and compassionately leading this country which is the leading country for the world in so many important ways.  I'm sure you do not know about a great breakthrough in health research which is probably one of the best kept health secrets that everyone should and can know.

Example: There are safe non-invasive ways to reverse an acute appendicitis which has worked every time it has been applied.  It has only taken between 20 minutes to 1 1/2 hours to complete.  At this time you may not be interested in this, but there are and will be thousands that will need such help.  You of all people should know the availability of this and other information which has to often been hushed-up.

There is a gentle method called TKM® that has accomplished this and other breakthroughs like: stopping a heart attack in progress, Anaphylactic shock, seizures and more.  There have been many lives saved with this simple information.  I pray these words as short and simple as they are - stir the compassion I know is in your heart to at least find out about what can help and save thousands to millions of lives without the normal invasive procedures and high cost.  All you need is the simple procedural knowledge.  I pray you grasp this opportunity at least for you and your family and as a Godly man to help the millions that need help but do not know of this effective approach.

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Hurt Children, Brain Injuries, CP, Autistic, Genetic Syndromes, Visually & Auditory impaired

I am a Neurodevelopmentalist and work primarily with hurt children, brain injury, CP, autistic, genetic syndromes, visually impaired, auditory impaired, etc.  I travel around the country, in order to make it easier for the families to access the neurodevelopmental approach.   We have three children and three grandchildren.  The third one is still being fearfully and wonderfully knitted together.

There is an intense excitement regarding TKM® for me.  I see how much this can impact the families I work with and enhance what they are doing.  Let alone the life changing impact it has already had for myself.  I praise God for the privilege of having found out about TKM® and for Dr. King and Hillary's faithfulness to the mission/ministry of sharing His work.  Looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing experiences utilizing TKM®.

Enjoy your Blessings, 

Linda Kane

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ADD, ADHD, Learning Difficulties, Cerebral Palsy, Autism

An email on KIMA-Talk list serv
My name is Jan, I'm a Neurodevelopmentalist. Long word for helping families get the information they need to help their labeled child. I'm in Dallas, Tx and work mostly with ADD, Dyslexia, ADHD and other learning difficulties as well as gifted. Several of my associates are on a list serv too and many of them work with more severe labels like autism and cerebral palsy.  Chim in here ladies!!  We haven't been working with TKM® very long but we are seeing very positive results already!

Premature Child, Lungs - on a Respirator , Learning issues, Liver

This is a paste of a note sent to my associates about a child with learning problems that came for an evaluation.
I definitely added TKM® to the parent training of what to do to help this guy.  I had an eval the other day of a young boy that was born four weeks early.  He developed lung problems and was on a respirator.

Then he developed liver problems.  I looked in my TKM® book and lung energy debilitates liver.  The mom also said that he sucked his middle and ring finger and rubbed the front of his head with the back of his hand until he was eight, he is now age 9.  These are the fingers associated with those two organs in the understanding of TKM®.

I haven't looked up the correlation to the #20 E.S. that are on the forehead yet.  I felt like I should give them the #4 sequence to do and so I asked mom if he ever put his hands behind the back of his neck where the #4's are located.  She said she is constantly telling him to put his hands and arms down from that position.  He has naturally known all these years what he needed to do to help himself.  To me that is a God thing.
If we can help him more with the specifics of TKM®, I am all for it!


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Temper Tantrums

A mom with mentally handicap son.

Just a few comments of feedback.  A mom emailed me that she has been holding #4's two times a day and also doing the fingers and toes 2x daily.  She says he made good improvement in her son's temperament.  Only two tantrums all week and no 'meltdowns', which were driving her crazy.  Also, she reported that he started potty training.  That is just amazing for him.  She is asking what else if anything she could add to what they are doing.  She is excited about the quick results.

Also, I had loaned the TKM® video to someone and I ran in to her today and she said that she had taken a lot of notes from the video.  She has a little boy who gets very emotional and stays upset for a day at a time and they have just gone through a divorce etc.  Well, she decided to do something that she saw on the video.  I don't even know what it is exactly, it looked like just holding the center of #l3's and center of #l0's?

She says she did this with her son when he was becoming upset and after only 5 minutes he was calm and all finished being emotionally upset.  She is very impressed with it already and is talking about possibly taking some TKM® training in the future.