Weak Ankles, Sprains, Extreme Back Pain, Coughing attacks, Gall Stones

From a student in Miami.
Dear Dr. Glenn King,

I would like you to know that my husband is forever grateful for your TKM® system.  He had very weak ankles that would get sprained very often.  The last time was last year during the bad storm in October.

I applied the correct sequence and he was walking the next day and most important he has been pain free ever since and no more sprains

Another time I went on a trip with my oldest son and he started to have extreme back pain.  The place we were at, I had no access to doctors.   I applied the correct TKM® sequence and when he woke the next day he was without any pain!  Unbelievable!

More recently my daughter has been sick with a bad cold and prone to coughing attacks, even though she is on medication.  Once I applied the sequence for coughing the attacks didn't occur again.  Now, bringing her fever down is not a problem and I do it without drugs.  It's amazing!  I could go on and on.

However; I will tell you one more success story since I think its important that you know.  My friend Graciela, had gallbladder stones that the doctor's told her had to be surgically removed since one was an inch in size.  Nothing had worked and she was in great pain.

She called me and I applied the designated TKM® sequence for two consecutive night's.  The stones have broken up and her body is disposing of them and most important her pain has gone away.

Just wanted to tell you and thank you!