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Clenched Teeth, Improved Eating, Stopped Alcohol, Back Pain, Depression

Things are going very well.  I find myself at such a point of change these past ten days.  I think it is fairly dramatic change for me.

First, I feel every little energy sphere when it has a concern.  However, after years of ignoring everything or simply not allowing myself to feel, it is very interesting.  How I ever clenched my teeth so much before is beyond me.  Those teeth even barely touch now and the signals are jolting them apart.

Secondly, I have totally improved how and what I am eating.

Thirdly,  I have drastically cut back my work load to make sure there is time for the important things.

Fourth, I've quit drinking the glass or two of wine I would have done fairly regularly.  The Lord reminded me that I don't need to do all the things I have done for years to ease the physical and emotional pain or take the edge off of stress, it's pretty much in check. The emotional pain it is gone and I need or use any artificial means in an attempt to relax.

LIFE IS GOOD!!!!  I think I will enjoy being an Ambassador of Freedom.  God is sooo good.

Thank you for your HUGE part in this blessing.